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Herbal glycerites are a low glycemic menstruum an underrated one might I add. Tinctures can be unpalatable or others choose to not consume alcohol for their own bio individual health. As Mary poppins would say Sugar, helps the medicine go down. 

This coconut derived vegetable glycerine is an all natural, ethical and a universal menstruum that can be used to unite people with plants. Not only is this thick odorless, colorless vegan syrup the perfect menstruum to deliver therapeutic benefits of herbs for all ages, it creates the herbal remedy to be desired or atleast palatable. 

Organic’s 100% USP, food-grade vegetable glycerin is gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and comprised of 99.7% coconut oil-extracted fatty ester and 0.3% water.

Please choose up to 6 organic herbs for your custom glycerite or choose a 4 Oz bottle of our herbalist formulated proprietary blends from the glycerite menu.

Glycerites are made with a 1:5 ratio of organic herbs to organic vegetable glycerine & purified water. Custom Glycerites are MADE TO ORDER. Please allow up to 3 WEEKS to process your CUSTOM Herbal Glycerite.

Our functional herbalist will hand make an herbal glycerite that you create with YOUR SELECTION of our herbs to slow infuse for 72 hours. After hand straining your preparation, a single custom 4 ounce amber bottle will be labeled and shipped directly to your front door. This is a unique service provided by the heart of a community herbalist that seeks to connect you with herbal therapeutics that enhance your quality of life. 

Herbal Glycerites can be administered by the dropper full directly into the mouth. If the tonic is unpalatable add to 1 ounce of your choice of liquid and take as a shot.

1 ml = 1 full vile. 25-30 drops per a vile.
General dosage instructions: Adults 2-3 ml 

This is approximately a 4 month supply based off of a daily 2ml single dose.


> 50 lbs 5 drops 

> 75 lbs 10 drops

> 100 lbs 15 drops

up to 6 times daily. As needed.