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Divine Healing Botanicals
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Try all three of our herbal magnesium creams. All contain magnesium but each cream focusing on energetics of specific herbs. Herbal Magnesium Sampler makes for a great gift! 

Which of our magnesium creams are right for you?
-We created 3 formulas to best suit different ailments and individual constitutions. Although they all contain magnesium chloride and are effective at reducing pain & will provide your body with a dose of transdermal magnesium.
Our herbal formulas compliment the magic of magnesium to transform a magnesium cream INTO THE MAGNESIUM CREAM. You will reach for DHB’s MAGNESIUM CREAM time and time again.

😴 Lavender buds & Frankincense Resin. Botanically infused: organic arnica, calendula, frankincense resin & lavender. This is our relaxing formula which is perfect for kids, anxiety and nightly application on the bottoms of feet before bed. This cream is not just relaxing but also contains Arnica which is used for swelling, bruising and pain from injuries. Frankincense is a powerful anti-inflammatory and contains constituents that are anti-arthritic.

🥶 Cooling roots, leaves and bark
Designed to cool a warm constitution and would be best applied to warm and agitated muscles and can be helpful with nausea, headaches/migraines. The herbal energetics are cooling, pain relieving and 100% organic.
Organic Comfrey, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Eucalyptus, Organic Willow Bark, Organic Peppermint.

🔥 Fire & Spice
Formulated with warming energetics to relax, ease pain and tension.
Botanically Infused with Organic Herbs: Cayenne, Black Pepper, Turmeric, Ginger, Clove, Cinnamon, Calendula & Comfrey. This formula is perfect for a cold constitution that cringes at the thought of cooling like peppermint. This can be incredibly helpful to warm up muscles into a deep state of relaxation & warmth.

Our magnesium cream is NOT greasy, itchy and does not leave a salty residue on skin. Our magnesium cream is truly THE CLEANEST on the market. Our magnesium cream does not contain ANY essential oils and we rely on whole plant infusions, low PUFA oils and butters and Ancient minerals magnesium chloride flakes.