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Divine Healing Botanicals
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The ancient Greek word oxymeli translates to “acid and honey.” The simplest definition is an herbal extraction of vinegar and raw honey.

Bringing together the acid of apple cider vinegar with the beneficial properties that boost the immune system, soothe dry throats, and support healthy digestion.

Organic apple cider vinegar is high in acetic acid, and when you use the raw, unfiltered version, you are also getting "mother" strands of proteins, enzymes, and helpful bacteria for the gut flora.

This dynamic duo menstruum are beneficial to the body, but when you add herbs, you have super effective method of getting extra herbal ally’s into the body.

NOURISH-is a nutrient dense mineral tonic that is all about restoring vitality back into the body through whole herbs derived from vitamins & minerals.

Organic ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, local raw honey, Nettle, Red Raspberry Leaf, Oatstraw, Alfalfa, Rosehips, Tulsi, Hibiscus. 

*Do not take if you have lupus.