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🌿A climbing vine that produces an egg shaped fruit. Passionflower can settle edgy nerves and relieve muscle tension. Passionflower is best known as a remedy for insomnia & general anxiety.

💜The name derives from its beauty and thought to represent Christ’s crucifixion 5 stamens for the wounds, 3 styles for the nails and white & purple colors for purity and heaven.

💊 Natural constituents in passionflower occupy the same receptor sites in the brain as BENZODIAZEPINE drugs like Librium & Valium. This plant contains an alkaloid harmane & harmaline that acts like monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors a category of drugs that are prescribed for depression. Which is why you should not consume the natural plant AND a synthetic MAO inhibitor drug together.

•In 2001 a clinical trial found that passionflower was just as effective in relieving anxiety as oxazepam.

♥️ This flower has a depressant effect on the central nervous system and can help lower blood pressure and relax the linings of artery walls.

🌺 Passionflower is naturally antispasmodic & tranquilizing, the key properties of this herb that reduce the overactivity responsible for the disorder without the addictive harmful side effects.

Find passionflower in our Nervine Restorative tincture.

This includes 1 ounce of loose leaf organic passionflower.