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Divine Healing Botanicals
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(PRE-ORDER) **This kit will begin shipping the first weekend of October, if not sooner. **

People always ask how can I learn about herbs? My answer is simple build a relationship with each Herb one by one. Taste it, infuse it, extract it. Understand and feel what it does to your body and constitution. The more comfortable you get with incorporating herbs into your everyday life is when the magic begins.

I hope to encourage you to live holistically. I hope to empower and inform you into having the confidence to utilize plants as medicine. The corporation is doing it and raking in billions. Apothecary kits are going to give you a guided experience with herbs to build your confidence so that you can escape the sick care system and authentically pursue true health and wellness through plant magic.

The concept of this kit is to set you up for success on your herbalism journey. With this kit you can feel comfortable and confident in your beginning stages of blending herbal glycerite formulas that are specific to you and your family’s need. 

This organic apothecary kit contains:

sample viles of 4 VITAL herbs



-Elderberry & Rosehips


-An empty dropper bottle for you to create your very own formula. 

-Funnel & syringe